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Welcome to this page and this service we provide, this service can be life changing for you and everyone in your circle. We Offer Traditional and Non-Traditional Ceremonies. We also offer a host of other services surrounding Spirituality. We are all children of One Universe, we are all on a different Journey, and many level to achieve, everyone has a different point and time of self-discovery. but one thing is Fact Knowledge of self is Key to Physical, Mental and Spiritual Birth. Knowing one's past can clearly affect the position of your present and future and living and learning in the present can insure a production and understandable life of success full of internal accomplishment. So, consider this Organization and give us the opportunity to demonstrate the difference we offer.


Since 2009 I have been Certified in good Standing with ULC as an Ordained Minister and I perform traditional and non-traditional weddings. non-traditional meaning tradition to another group and or race of people. I Perform non-traditional Rasta unions and wedding surrounding spiritual belief. In addition to earth standing weddings, which are wedding performed in a natural setting. What is different we are a one stop shop. We offer wedding planning as well as fittings for the groom and bride. We provided catering and finding that perfect Venue just for you.


There are many reason adults get christening done on their children. The most traditional reason are blessings and spiritual protection throughout their lives. Many adults also choose to do this for the same reason also as legal and spiritual sign that a new path has been taken, which in many case lead to a name change being placed on the official baptismal. The most traditional reason behind Christening for adults which is called Baptismal is to symbolically wash away sin and to create a new spiritual walk. non-traditional reason are Earthly Washing to cleanse the body of evil forces. Our Organization, provides grown as well.  If you don't have a Venue for the ceremony we can arrange that as well.

Baptismal/Crossing Over

there is a saying, one to celebrate the beginning of life, and one to celebrate life that has been lived. Traditional and non-traditional Baptismal Symbolic of new life starting fresh, starting over with a better Inner standing of self and life, it also means new beginnings this is the definition of non-traditional Baptismal. Most traditional Baptismal are in reference to washing away of sins. walking in truth and rightness, being born again. We can provide all services that you require robes and Venue can also be included. For crossing over if you have not made all the small final arrangement, we provide this service as well. 


This is an act of temporary action of removing bad spirits are vibes from a person home. This also is an act that can be taught on a more personal level for those who are interested. However, there is a wrong and right way to perform this, if done correct it provides a person living space with a great deal of noticeable peace. All items are provided. and you are left with items for future smudging's and guide to becoming one with your home.

House Blessing

This is when your home is prayed or meditated over. it is performed alongside whomever is requesting this, it is very important that in home blessing the spirit that lives there or spirits accompany the person performing the blessings Many times while blessing the home. it is realized that Spirits that dwell in the building themselves are the reason for the energy that lives within the wall. So therefore, to have the occupant travel through the house with you provides healing for them as well.

Spiritual Consultations

Consultations are something we encourage in this company. It gives a clear understanding before and after anything is done. Beforehand we decided what is needed and what is best. After we speak about how to maintain a balance that will create a natural great spiritual surrounding for you and all that become a part of your space and life. after Consult is just as important as the pre-consult. Healing is more about maintaining then initial action.

Working with and for Empress E. Teagle was wonderful a warm spirited Lady that welcomes all into her life.

Antianna Smith of Philadelphia

 Service Prices for Pre Venue Selected Customers

These are just some of our basic Offers. We offer custom fit Programs to fit your needs perfectly. No wedding is too small or too Large. The Offer below are for those who already have a Venue. Pre-Consult to discuss, Music. Food and Cake, and to select wedding Cover design. Our organization believe in supporting Other Like Business. we work with outside Contractors in the Wedding Industry.

Wedding- Silver Offer


2 hours Service

50 Photos

and Wedding Album

Musically Entertainment 

Three Layer Wedding Cake

This is the basic package. we provide food for 15-25 people

Wedding - Gold Offer


21/2  hour Service

Ceremony Video Taped

50 Photos and Wedding Album

Musically Entertainment 

 Three Layer Wedding Cake

This is our One step up offer. We provide food for 20-35 people. You decide the menu. Price may vary based on selection.

Wedding - Platinum Offer


3 hours Service

Ceremony Video Taped and 50 Photos and Wedding Album

Musically Entertainment

Three Layer Wedding Cake 

Food for 25-45 people Menu is Negotiable. Prices may Vary.

4 Tier Wedding Cake Included.

Services for Customers who need a Venue

And for Customers who want an Earth Wedding. 

for more details contact us on the Contact page. Someone will call you back  within 24-48 hours of your call.

Emerald Wedding Package


2 hours

100 photos

Wedding Photo Album

Music Entertainment

Custom Wedding Cake 4 layers

In This package the venue is selected for you. Food for 20-30 people. Beverages.

Crystal Wedding Package


3 hours

100 photos 

Wedding Album

video of Ceremony 

musically Enterainment

In This package the venue is included. Food for 30-40 people. Beverages included. Custom Wedding Cake 4 layers 

Diamond Wedding Package


3 hours

Limousine to the Venue 

100 photos with video and wedding Album. Music Entertainment

Custom made cake 4 layers 

In This package the venue is selected for you. Food for 40-50 people  and Beverages

Ultimate Wedding Packages


3-4 hours




Select your Menu

Custom Cake up to 5 layers

Limousine ride to Wedding. limousine or  horse Carriage ride away from wedding

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