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12 steps to self awareness, self love, reinvention of ones self, and self actuality.

What is Quiet Noise About

It is about struggles that happen to us all Internally, the pain and struggle is real and loud, yet it's Quiet. The pain of abuse of oneself or coming from another. This page opens up this pain, so that healing may begin. Everything that enters into our lives toxic, or nurturing has entry points. the eye (HERU) the heart (MAAT) the roots (GEB)

WHAT WE SEE, FEEL AND TAKE IN. Is both our Enemy and Friend

Aug 2023 Workshop

Rendering the Pain Useful 

Workshops will start the End of Aug of 2023

Our theme will be rendering pain Useful, yes making your pain work for you through techniques, Focus and a few simple steps you can use you pain to become a means of healing yourself. To sign on go to the contact page closer to the date there will be a zoom meeting  to discuss this process more in detail Workshops will be in Aston Pa, Philadelphia Pa, Wilmington Del and in Brooklyn N.Y  and in the Vineland N.J 4# workshop a month once a week workshops are two hours long come with a positive attitude comfortable clothing and a heart willing to heal. These classes and workshops will be every month in person, we do offer Zoom, however we recommend in person to receive that powerful connection, that only comes with be gathered with life minded Spiritual Bodies, On the other hand many people need to start off in a more intimate setting, this is understandable, we also offer individual session on location or Mobile we truly meet you were you are GOOD VIBES ONLY

The power and strength that one has is truly unrevealing until trouble arises, as I and many have quoted, I never had the luxury of being weak. What does this statement really mean? Too often we refer to people as being very strong and strong willed. However, did you know those people are actually the most vulnerable in regards to having this reputation, everyone naturally assumes they don't need help, or they can manage, also because naturally people like this hide their pain so sometimes, they are viewed as someone that shouldn't even be considered and all too often are taken advantage of. What I have found is that in these people there is a breaking point. Many might say this applies to all people, well OK and true, but with individuals like this the breaking point is different, you see they tend to hold things longer, and give more of themselves until nothing is left, giving in hopes that indeed it will heal them in the process, all to often this doesn't happen, what does happen is they find themselves to be an empty shell after a while. Alone confused wondering why, creating self-blame which further diminishes them as people.

Now Let change the wording a bit and self-reflect. I find that when these things take place, Blame and diminishing of oneself. I do it because in all actuality I have control over what I do, and what I accept. It is a state in which I get in that allows me to continue on with the neglect of myself, therefore allow others to do the same. This page is about me, and this page is about you. This page is the First step to taking you back Living Out Loud and on Purpose, because you see really, you are your biggest advocate and promoter. People believe about you what you show them, not what you say, the way you walk and speak and present yourself echoes a lot about who you are. Many people's reactions towards you have nothing to do with you, but actual it has to do with how they view themselves.

STEP #1 Wherever you are the most, notice everyone, just look at how people move speak react and interact, there is a lot you can pick up just from that, now think of yourself in that dynamic, how do you think your actions look to others. You might ask what are we doing right now? I will tell you in order to overstand and innerstand other you must have an understanding of yourself first. This Is the first step in doing that.


As we travel on this Journey called life. We must remember mistakes will happen, and disappointments are reasons to grow, allowing others to see your true self is a gift, to be apart of something much larger than yourself and to operate on a selfless mindset is rewarding and dangerous, finding balance is a must in order to survive.For every hero there is a Predator. And for every setup , there is a let down, prepare yourselves to weather every storm and to shine through it, without hate and resentment this is low vibrational and will only increase that vibe in your life, operate high even when feeling low. How? i welcome you to sign up for one of these classes and workshops to find the answers and to connect with a new beautiful community of love and support.

Class Schedule
Weekends, Evenings, Morning, Group, Individual, in home or Workshops
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