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Moving Forward- Natural Transmitter of Energy like the Selenite is how we all should be

We will continue to work hard to reach communities that face challenges, some are clear and visible while other are hidden and grow like cancers, it is the job of each person to do what needs to be done to the best of one's own ability, we speak on this not because we have the answer, but because there is a need for a solution, I have had many say, why do you care so much, because I am a part of this world like you, what effects one effects all eventually, this is something we must overstand, as for neighborhoods this is increasingly so, as time moves forward, you can notice changes in the world, in our children in the way we approach thing in our government and every area of existence, we must ask the question why, is it economical, is it spiritual, what is it, there are so many different answer depending on who is answering and individual viewpoints, however what is true, is we has lost the ability to care, because we feel we can't when, we feel we have no choice, we feel no one will support our efforts, and in many cases this is truth, the system isn't broken, it is this way on purpose. take a month and just pay close attention to things, and keep notes, contact this Organization, and tell me what you have notice, tell me what will your call of action be, and lets work together to bring awareness , support, understanding, and knowledge of self, let learn, grow, and work, and then let's do it over and over again, lets invest in each other, let each one teach one a lesson that will carry through our life time on to our children's children.


Story Behind Gardens Across the World

This idea and concept were passed on to me by my mother. She was the one who branded the name "Full Circle Outreach", and it has stayed with me all these years. Gardening, landscaping and helping others was my mother's passion, and it was a natural way of living for her. As a child I watched and copied everything she did in her garden, and with people. This inspired me Early On. Now I have vamped this concept into something incredible. Not only does this department assist and help people on a recreational level with gardening and simple to complex landscaping, but we also help build gardens around the world by sponsoring and sending seeds and needed items to place like Africa and Jamaica and many other Island. Life is about stability and Production and Growth. these are Key factors in most everything we successfully set out to accomplish. We never want to help someone to put them in a position where they must come back and depend solely on us. The idea is to create a love and a drive to Produce and Reproduce to the massive, so self-driven accomplishment, are the foundation to respect for oneself, Our Country Land and Culture. If you are interested in becoming and affiliate and you have an organization or agency, where you are in direct contact with changing the lives of your community or Group Contact me lets grow together and help others to generate the feelings of success that comes from the Hobby and Profession, for lawn and garden care. Call for and appointment and free consult. We are here to work with you and for you to make tomorrow a greener and better day Jah love and blessings.

Gardens Across the World

Our Recent Work

planting the seeds of life

creating a place of meditation

If your land space is large or very small, you can create an earth zone for you. Indoors, use flowerpots. outdoors with a yard or patio, use everything you have go for it and remember stay away from Pesticides not only do they destroy the weeds they steal from the soil, and they also cause gardening issues, and the runoff from rain fall causes the agents to go into other's yards effecting their soil as well. Be safe about gardening be wise and avoid short cuts. Be one with it all, get out there and pull them up happy Gardening.

Our Recent Work

The Original Black rice Hair rinse

Plant life , Life supports life


From this day forward, everything that you eat that has seeds in it, take them out and save them, and then plant them. Nothing special nothing fancy become creative. Make sure if you are using the potted method put a few holes in the bottom. If you are gardening outside be careful little creatures find planted seeds super yummy, so, start in a container or pot of any kind. and notice the joy you finally feel once the seedling you planted began to grow. record your progress. Keep a "Gardening Journal." I call my Log "Life"

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