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Take a look at this beautiful Dragon Fly Pin with Sapphire stone and rich beautiful color of green and blue and cream, with a high gloss finish, And a beautiful Sapphire stone in the middle, easy to secure , we are asking for donation to help us support all of our departments of outreach, and for helping us connect families with special needs with each other to give a generous, Donation of $30.00 or more tax deductible, we are a non profit 501c , all of our work is volunteer, and we reach parts of the community that many can't, Thank you for your support

Calling All Parents and Caregivers, loved ones and those who are Concerned

Starting this spring of 2021, We are beginning a new Workshop/Support Group, for caregivers of special needs, being a parent of special needs children, and having years of experience firsthand, i felt this group would be beneficial, Many times on this journey we reach a place where even Therapist of our children , or even our own therapist can't truly overstand what we are experiencing because they have never  been through it, like all of my programs on this site, I think people can help and Innerstand a person struggle only after being a part of one themselves, yes we can always empathize, however it is a real connection, when speaking with someone who has traveled the same road , and has found solutions, however two on the same journey at the same time, can many times create an atmosphere of confusion , never the lesser we should embrace each other and gain knowledge and wisdom from one another experiences, each one teach one. We offer help to all caregiver with children small as well and adults, and with all types of disabilities and abilities

Bon Fire Support

This will be a relaxed environment, parents only, we will get to know each other share in our own experiences get to openly here what others have to say, in a stress-free environment, tea and cocoa served with fruit. This will be weekly. And could last over an hour, all our programs had a disruptive free open-door policy, sign up through our contact page

boathouse Row walk group

This is a relaxed environment next to water in Philadelphia PA. Wear something comfortable we will be walking, and we will also have a place to sit down This workshop is weekly and could last for an hour or more, there are many trees and grass and water as previously mentioned, i feel this combination of nature surrounding us, set a lovely environment to explore heal and release all the stressor of the day. This is a public location.

By the Shore Open Door

This location will be the Atlantic City Shore, parents only, or if you have a way you can step away for a moment maybe you can come with another adult, and they can watch your children, however we will be doing activities surrounding releasing of Stress, making and saying affirmation, and a quick meditation, surrounding it, then we will talk a while , this will last no more than two hours, this will be on the weekends and weekly. we are working on getting transportation for pickup services.

One on One

If there comes a time where you would feel more comfortable speaking one on one about things surrounding anything regarding this page we can set up a person to person in person or on Zoom where we can speak. 


For many reason, we come to not trust the school system and the IEP and 504 team and many times we feel more comfortable with someone there, that knows exactly what is going on and who has been in this same situation, because of this we have created a support to come with you on the meetings, or be apart of it online, these meetings can be very intimidating for many parents, we are here to help you feel better, because we know how you feel.

Referral Services

We have so much information about places and location where you can receive additional services for your children and yourself, we offer information on what to do when your child becomes and adult, that in and of itself, is yet another different world you will need to learn to navigate, many times we are treated as if when our children become grown, they are no longer disabled or that your input is for some reason no longer valid, when you have been with this their entire life, we are here to help and know what you are going through

Service Prices

$300.00 per month for trips to and from the shore. Meeting spot Delaware County 300.00 includes to and from Atlantic City 4 times, If you are unable to make all for trips, there will be no deductions no refunds

All other services on this page are free of charge.

What our customers are saying

I love the fact that this Organization, understands what I am feeling because they have already experienced what i a now going through, many people say I Understand and this is just a work, at this Organization I found help without feeling Helpless.

Shaketa Davidson of Philadelphia pa

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