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Black owned Small business

As a Person of Color i am well aware of the problems that come with running a successful business and Organization, how difficult it is to get support and how hard it is to grow, most times people don't trust you unless you have someone or many people backing you, I do innerstand that, however if you are able to support a small Business and Organization with minimum risk to you would you and when I say risk I mean no obligation to use them again, just giving them a chance, along with my men and women in transition this is what I do however I have come across another community that are people like myself with a skill and or talent and they want to share in a way that it  can make your life and  theirs better, maybe you need your grass cut or landscape work done or a number of other things, there are growing business that are starting out that need our support. Disclaimer: it is my Suggestion and Recommendation  that you decide who you are comfortable with cutting your grass and doing your landscaping work or any other business you pick from this page these businesses are independent contractor, they do not work for or are affiliated with Full Circle Outreach Ministries Int, and I do not charge for their names to be place on this page. this is a free service to Assist those in need of Assistance. As I always do use your instinct because you are the one that will be doing the hiring. I have decided to start a list of Freelance black owned small businesses

blessed Love Good Vibes Only

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