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Everyone can play a part in making a differences in the lives of those that are in need

Greetings and blessed love, this page is dedicated the those that have been selfless in donating to this Organization, you are greatly appreciated in all that you do

1. Amazon- Equipment to serve the Massive

2.Shoprite Eddiestone- Food

3Connie Donbar of Philadelphia, Time and Clothing

4. Paul Summerset of Philadelphia, Time and experience

5.The Schltz Family of Delaware County, Donated space and time and equipment.

6. Zenobiaynadidiy Teagle, Support, Inspiration and Time in training

7 Nguvukwa Teagle, Time, Inspiration in training

8.Xavier Teagle, Inspiration, time in training

9 Special Thanks to the Marcus Hook Police department, and Mayor Gene

10. Delaware County Community Action, Advice inspiration support

11. Coal of Chester

12 Dollar general Delaware county, Supplies food.

13. Pamela Grant of Delaware County Lower Chichester, for promoting this Organization

Thank you on behalf of myself and my Family and Volunteer staff, all that is given is appreciated, we also welcome cash donation, they are tax deductable we are a Non Profit and we are a 501 c

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